High speed steel wire braiding machine

ZGB series CNC high-speed linear wire knitting machine.

Steel Wire Braiding Machine

Wire winding machine series

The new high-speed wire winding machine adopts full control, high winding precision and good quality

Fourth generation steel wire joint machine,

The take-up parts adopt fully automatic digital control, (PLC+ HMI).Taking part adopts professional pay-off motor control of pay-off tension brake type,has the characteristics of the pay-off tension constan.

Wrapping Water Cloth Machine Series

Total automation(PLC + man-machine dialogue interface) has greatly improved working efficiency

Wrapping Water Cloth Machine Series

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  • ZGB Steel Wire Knitting Machine

  • BJZ Steel Wire Knitting Machine

  • GAB Steel Wire Knitting Machine

  • ZHG-B High Speed Steel Wire Plug Machine

  • RB NC High Speed Wire Winding Machine

  • GS-6 NC Traverse Machine

  • ZL-6 NC Expansion Adjustment Instrument

  • SCR Series Wire Winding Machine

  • SCJ-80 Wrapping Water Cloth Machine